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Sex Offender Specialist- Atlanta YDC- Atlanta, GA (CCR)



Atlanta, GA, USA · Georgia, USA · Atlanta, GA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2024

Job Summary Under supervision, plans, manager, and evaluates social services programs. Administers and coordinates the services and program activities in dependency, mental illness, youth

development, or physical developmental disability programs. Receives additional training, as required, to gain full proficiency and experience in all areas. Establishes and maintains relationships with other agencies and organizations in the community in order to meet community needs and prevent duplication of services. Evaluate the provision and quality of recommended services to ensure compliance with program requirements and policies. Guides and oversees the distribution of resources. Identifies, and/or manages grants, contracts, and other facets associated with the programs. Implements, coordinates, monitors and evaluates social services programs. Organizes community stakeholders and resources to identify proactive and effective solutions. Participates in the determination of organizational policies regarding such issues as participant eligibility, program requirements, and program benefits. Provides policy and/or management guidance to representatives of the programs.

Job Duties -

Responsibility 1 Directs or completes Pre/Post-Clinical assessments, Quarterly Reviews, and Risk

Assessments of youth

1. Interviews youth and/or families using acceptable techniques that are appropriate for the individual's level of functioning to obtain necessary information regarding medical, social and/or emotional background.

2. Contacts other healthcare professionals within or outside the organization as necessary to obtain background information on the youth.

3. Reviews youths record (police reports, psychosexual, psychological etc..) background information.

4. Considers all available information to identify psycho-social stressors, strengths, challenges, risks, level of functioning and needs.

5. Based on assessment findings determine appropriate services and alternate plans of care

6. Makes necessary referrals to other providers as indicated by findings in the youths mental health assessment.

7. Documents referrals, recommendations and plans in a timely manner.

8. Correctly files assessments and/or updates in youths record.

Responsibility 2 Provides sexually harmful behavior treatment to individuals, groups or families, to effect positive change in the youth’s behavior and/or social situations.

1. Complies with regulations on confidentiality of information as specified by agency policy.

2. Develops and implements treatment plans and/or crisis management plans in a timely manner.

3. Conducts individual treatment sessions to provide appropriate support, guidance and direction to enhance the youths personal and social development.

4. Facilitates group therapy sessions using accepted therapeutic methods to promote planned change.

5. Provides crisis intervention services in a timely manner to youth who present with serious and imminent risk of harm to self or others due to mental health concerns

6. Provide consultation and guidance to other staff who interact with youth to ensure that supervision and care is provided in a consistent manner to promote positive adjustment, safety and development of the youth.

Responsibility 3 Leads or participates as a member of a treatment team to identify youthsstrengths, resources, symptoms, and challenges to develop and monitor an effective plan of treatment.

1. Presents a complete and accurate summary of assessment to treatment team members at treatment team meetings.

2. Participates in the identification of youth’s strenghts and weaknesses and the selection of appropriate treatment goals and interventions.

3. Provides appropriate clinical input into the development of the youth’s treatment plans.

4. Initiates appropriate changes in the youths treatment plan at treatment team meetings based on reassessment of therapeutic needs.

5. Communicates accurately and clearly to the youth and his/her family members/significant others the identified treatment goals and services.

6. Monitors the youths progress through interview, observation, input of team members, chart reviews, or other methods. Accurately conveys progress information to family members/significant others as appropriate.

7. Writes concise, accurate, clear progress notes in the youth’s mental health record as required by policy.

Responsibility 4 Prepares and submits required reports, assessments and other documentation.

1. Prepares accurate reports as required by departmental policies and local operating procedures.

2. Submits all reports, forms and other documentation in a timely manner. Presents a complete and accurate verbal summary of reports to treatment team members during team meetings.

3. Prepares and submits required reports and other documentation.

4. Submits referrals to the sexually harmful behavior review panel.

5. Provides court testimony as needed.

Responsibility 5 Engages in clinical supervision to facilitate the development of clinical knowledge, skills and professional integrity of mental health services provided to youth

1. Participates actively in clinical supervision sessions as required by policy.

2. Contacts clinical supervisor(s) for consultation or clinical supervision whenever the clinician encounters a situation that poses substantial ethical or clinical challenges.

Agency Qualifications

Master`s degree from an accredited college or university in Psychology, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling, Professional Counseling, or Master of Education Counseling AND Eligibility to be licensed as a counselor in the State of Georgia.

Note: some positions require eligibility for licensure.

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