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Security Technician



Newnan, GA, USA
Posted on Saturday, July 6, 2024

Pathways Center’s Care Campus has two 24/7 Crisis Stabilization Units; one for adults and one for individuals ages 5-17. Pathways Center's Crisis Stabilization Units ('s) are short term (2-7 days), medically monitored crisis residential programs, which offer services for a limited duration (typically 5-7 days) to stabilize acute psychiatric or behavioral symptoms, euate treatment needs, and develop plans to meet the needs of persons served. The programs operate 24 hours per day 7 days per week. The 's are designed to serve as a first line of community based alternative care to hospitalization, offering psychiatric stabilization and detoxification services on a short-term basis.

The physical requirements of this position include frequent walking, standing, and lifting throughout the day. Individuals in this position will actively engage with clients/patients throughout the day assisting with activities whether in a group setting or individual setting. Individuals in this position will also help in stabilizing clients/patients who may have episodes of behavioral outbursts.

Specific responsibilities for the Security Technician include but are not limited to the following:

§ Participates in the patient/client admission process; records and stores patient’s/client’s personal property/belongings

§ Participates in the patient/client discharge process; releases personal property to patient/client upon discharge

§ Explains/Communicates policies on patient/client status, rights, and property to respective and authorized family members

§ Helps arrange and plan for patient/client activities; is an active participant in facilitating scheduled activities throughout the day with other members of the healthcare team

§ Helps arrange for transportation between the inpatient program and outside facilities as ordered by the attending physician team member

§ Responds to alarms as needed

§ Monitors and helps control (de-escalate) any escalated situations; debrief situations with other healthcare team members afterwards to discuss learnings

§ Engages with patients/clients by spending time with them individually and/or during group activities throughout the day. Documents behaviors observed throughout the day in the company’s electronic health record system.

§ Help patients/clients adhere to the daily schedule to help them benefit from their therapeutic/recovery treatment plan

§ Conducts facility safety and security checks during assigned shift; record findings

§ Prepares and submits internal incident reports as needed

§ May serve as the location’s site safety officer for facilitating monthly fire drills, natural disaster drills, etc.

The individual in this role must be able to exercise judgment and discretion in dealing with behavioral situations, must be able to document legibly and timely in individual’s records and must possess positive interpersonal skills with both patient/clients and other healthcare team members.

High school diploma/GED and three (3) years of job-related experience in a social services-related position; or one (1) year of experience at the lower level Social Svcs Tech 2 (SST011) or equivalent position.
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