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Matching the Right Skills to the Right Career

Training/Employment Tech - Job Coach



Baldwin, GA, USA
Posted on Monday, July 8, 2024
Job Responsibilities and Performance Standards:

1 Facilitates/completes the career planning process with consumer's/client's using a customer-driven approach.
2 Provides each consumer/client with appropriate on-site
3 Maintains all appropriate records of documentation of consumers/clients placed in employment and compliance with standards.
4. Facilitates and markets employment services of clients to local and
community businesses.
5 Maintains a thorough knowledge of therapeutic techniques, policies
and procedures.
6. Secures job placement for consumers/clients in the community. Negotiates with employers to develop suitable job(s) for consumers/clients
7. Assists in developing a program based on the use ofwork experience to effect a positive change in consumer's/client's work behaviors.
8. Assists consumers/clients in identifying behaviors that inhibit the development of desirable work habits and skills and develops a plan to overcome or
significantly reduce the behaviors
9. Provides counseling and support services as needed to achieve and maintain employment
10. Participates in team staffing along with other members of the consumer's/client's team

Entry Qualifications:
Completion of a high school diploma or equivalent AND one year of experience providing educational,social or direct care services to persons with diagnosed special needs or other populations. OR Associate degree in business management or behavioral sciences

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience in providing job readiness training,job placement and/or job orientation. Ability to identify goals, objectives, performance measures for clients.

Exam & Evaluation Information:
A pre-employment drug test and criminal background check is required upon hire. All applicants must provide a current seven (7) year Motor Vehicle Report and Georgia background check prior to interview.
High school diploma or GED and one year of experience in a support role providing coaching, mentoring or related job duties. Knowledge of functional business area where training to be provided.
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